2023 Yearling Sale

What a tumultuous year it has been with the cyclones affecting many farmers in the north and east, some of our clients included. We’ve never had so much grass but unfortunately going into the winter with no cows to speak of to clean it all up. How bizarre is that, just when the value of the cow comes into her own.

This year’s team of bulls which will be trimmed down to about the mid thirties are in forward condition and I think reflect the direction that the Merchiston program is heading. We are now finishing clients’ cattle through the Alliance Hand Picked program and are seeing the results of our breeding program. There are tweaks to be made for sure, but the breeding program going forward will reflect the cattle that we need to be able to finish, on time, and up to a weight of at least 320kg on the hooks.

We have noticed an upswing of demand for Merchiston bred weaners at Feilding, because the finishers know that they will perform for them. This has been reflected in the prices for these cattle reaching $1300 for 290kg weaners and multiple lots making $1200 to $1300 for 270kg to 290kg weaners. This is a real testament to the type of cattle we have bred over many years.

We welcome you through our gates to this years sale.



Help! Not sure how to register or bid online for the sale? Unfortunately we will be not holding our yearling sale online this year, but come back in June to watch the action at our R2 sale!

Click on the button below and follow the instructions to get you started, alternatively contact your local PGW representative so they can help guide you through the process.